Helpful Party Hints

1. Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door, as it guides guests to the party

venue and sets the mood.

2. Please arrange for the children to be sat on the floor as they jump up if on chairs.

3. Save squeakers, hats, blowers &  BALLOONS till the end- or they could ruin

the party! Hang the Balloons up (out of reach) and give one as a “going home

present”.  DON’T LEAVE THEM ON THE FLOOR (they won’t last long).

4. Put all birthday presents onto a table or in a bag so they may be opened

later so you know who brought what and “thank you” letters can be sent.

5. Seating the children around a table to eat in another room is preferable as

you isolate the food and drink in one area.

6. Don’t serve drinks, ice-cream or sweets once the show has begun –   it’s asking  for trouble! Most food will end up on the carpet and sticky fingers will get everywhere.

7. Please arrange for any toys to be moved as they are a big distraction.

8. Parents and other adults are very welcome to watch the show providing that they sit up the back, and behave themselves!!

9. Keep dogs, cats, crocodiles in a separate room as they can be frightening to some children!